Bee-bot party

Today, 3/4E and KD celebrated the amazing work they have completed this term by having a Bee-bot party. 3/4E showed their Kindergarten buddies how to play the new Bee-bot computer games they had designed using Scratch and the board games they had made on cardboard.

playing our bee-bot board games

we love playing our bee-bot board games

KD showed their older buddies their maps of Eleebana PS and the maps of the local area.

our maps of Eleebana PS

They also read their Bee-bot stories and showed their pictures. It was such a success.

Bee-bot board game

another board game

Parents were so supportive! We had many mums, dads and grandparents there to see the work that the students had completed. The food was incredible, thanks to the parents!

bee-bot biscuits

Just take a look at the bee-bot cakes, cupcakes, biscuits and snacks that we ate. There was so much that we had to send some home for afternoon tea as well.

bee-bot cupcakes


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