Maps of “Bee-Bottingham”

We must seem like we are black and yellow as all of our learning in term 3 has ventured into the land of Bee-Bottingham. Where honey flows, secret passages are everywhere (hidden of course), the factory pipelines are connected to the hive houses and honey mashers make the honey flow just a little more smoother! 🙂
KD created their own maps of Bee-Bottingham and what they thought it would look like! This exercise was derived from the GTK resource package yet taken on as a whole class to provide creative, higher order thinking, planning and problem solving outlets for all!
Do you want to go to Bee-Bottingham??? 🙂


this is how I get to school


our maps of Eleebana PS

our maps of Eleebana PS


Lucky to showcase our “Giftedness”

On Tuesday 16th October Mrs Evans and Mrs Duff were lucky enough to be invited to a regional showcase to present KD and 3/4E’s COGs “Bee-bot” project. With the help of Harrison and Freya (KD) along with Ava and Jasmine (3/4E) they presented to a captivated audience…so captivated they forgot to applaud at the end! 🙂 Perhpas they wanted even MORE!
The presentation was based around project and inquiry based methods. It also showcased how implementing a differentiated curriculum where learners were engaged and peer support was continuous is truly beneficial to all. As the application of technology played a large role within the unit Mrs Evans and Mrs Duff presented via the pressie blog, displayed video and photographic evidence of curriculum engagment and took along the Bee-bots so the audience could see just how great they work. Thank you to the above mentioned students who demonstrated how fun it is playing and learning with the Bee-bots and for the courage they displayed when they took the microphone at the end to explain what they had learnt and found most interesteing about the collaborative project.
Well done everyone!