Moving Machines and everything DESIGN!

This term KB and 3/4E have worked hard at researching why things move and how. This has included toys, machines, robots and even ourselves!

We have; choreographed dance moves to a variety of different music;

brought in toys that move;


played problem solving games that involved talking and listening using descriptive vocabulary, identification of which of the 6 simple machines are used to make a specific toy move

and independent writing to accompany these investigations.

We then went onto design our own machines. This was a 5 stage process! First students had to use their higher order thinking skills to invent something that moved and that would be useful. It needed to be something that they would use regularly. They then needed to think of what simple machines would be involved in their invention. Designing their own invention on art paper was the fun part! This was their first prototype (draft) and could be developed further as they moved onto their second prototype (final edit). They were required to label the specific parts of the invention and the machines that were used in constructing it. After the thinking, designing, labelling and re-designing, students were then asked to write about their invention. How did it work and what was it used for? What machines were used? Why did they design it?


The results from students directing their own learning in a design based environment were amazing! Just have a look…

20130911_122329[1] 20130911_122307[2] 20130911_122404[1] 20130911_122135[1] 20130911_122055[1]20130911_122212[1]20130911_122149[1]20130911_122116[1]


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