Our GTK walk!

Our GTK walk!


How did we get to Bunyah Park you ask...well just follow the map!

How did we get to Bunyah Park you ask…well just follow the map!

It was a hot Monday afternoon when the Kindergarten and Stage 2 teams set out on an adventurous walk. Our destination: Bunyah Park.
We travelled down Glad Gunson Drive and had to use our problem solving skills to answer questions that had been posed by Mrs Evans.

Did we know what number should have been on the cylindrical letterbox? What was a phone number of one of the real estate agents?
When we made it to the lake we even had to search for a piece of furniture in it!

We travelled over the boardwalk and some of us saw a floating crab! Did you know that the lake spans over 110 squared kilometres…its bigger than Sydney Harbour!

After listening to the echoes of our voices through the tunnel we made it to Bunyah Park and were met by the committee members of the Warners Bay Community Garden project. They had a virtual game ready for us to play where we identified the differences between herbs, vegetables and fruit.


When we had completed this we laid in the grass listening to the sounds around us before discussing how we got to the park and if we had finished all of the tricky questions.

We are pleased to say that all of us made it back in one piece!

We had a great day and thought we would tell our friends but there was just one thing…”what happens if our friends want to go on the walk?” said Alex.
“We could draw maps for them,” stated Jacob.

Well what came next will amaze you. After discussing the way we walked, what we passed, the turns involved, the bridges and tunnel we began drawing our maps.

in the tunnel

in the tunnel

Here is what KB came up with…This should show them the way!




On Monday 3/4e and kinder red went for a walk and we had to find out all the answers to Mrs Evans questions and we went past some bus stops then we saw a purple tree. Then I saw three trees shaped in a triangle and they were gum trees. When we saw the trees we were at the lake. Then we went to Bunyah Park which was on Cherry road and we had to pick up a vegetable or a fruit or herb sign and it was on a stick. There was only one herb and Brayden was the only person who got a herb. Then we went back to school.

by Jordan (KB)

On Monday we walked to the lake and we walked to Bunyah Park. We planted signs in the ground and we went across a main road and I saw some bus stops. We went in a tunnel and we walked across two bridges and in the park I heard sounds. I heard birds and Mrs Evans gargling.

by Mahala (KB)

On Monday we went to a park called Bunyah Park and do you want to know how we got there?  We went past some bus stops and the lake and we had to do activities with 3/4e.  We saw a caravan and a boat.  My buddies are Georgia, Teia and Izzy.  It was a fun day.

by Poppy (KB)