KM collaborative recount

On Monday we went for a walk to the lake with 3J. Miss Meehan gave us a clipboards so we could draw pictures and write down what we saw. Our 3J buddies had sheets to tell them what to look for. It was like a hunt! Miss Meehan blu tacked the pencils to our clipboard so we wouldn’t lose them.

We had to look for lots of things, a boat in a driveway, house numbers and jacaranda trees. After we crossed the road we quickly did a loop around the BBQ so we did not disturb the ladies eating their lunch together.

As we walked along the boardwalk we saw buoys, jetskis and speedboats. We listened to sounds. Finley heard a boat engine. Osh heard nature, birds tweeting and the breeze through the trees. Jenna thought we were going to fall in the water because it felt unstable because of the little holes in the metal.

At the end of the boardwalk, we went through the underpass and we made lots of noises in it to hear our echoes. We think it was made out of concrete. We could tell because Finley tried to climb up the side but couldn’t because it was smooth, slippery, very hard and cold.  We saw some graffiti on it.

When we got to Bunyah Park we had a huge drink! Our little brothers and sisters who came with our mums played on the equipment but we did not get to. We were busy listening to Steve who told us about the community garden and the proposed pizza oven. This made us very excited! We chose some signs like Watermelon, Pineapple, Carrot and Banana. We helped stick them in the ground in order of fruit, vegies and herbs.

On the way back to school we saw 6 rainbow lorikeets sitting on the same branch, they were squawking and eating.  We also heard a Kookaburra. We waved at a man mowing his lawn and walked past a huge bamboo fence. Once we got back to school Patricks’s mum surprised us all with ice blocks.


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