Designing a Community Garden for Eleebana Public School

We are so proud of our collaborative achievements!

We are so proud of our collaborative achievements!

It takes a lot of thought when trying to design a garden for the whole schooling community to share. There is the layout, criteria and considerations of what people will want and need. It’s a BIG job. It involves drafting, higher order thinking, deep understanding, planning, problem solving and accepting critique from your friends.

KB designed their own plans for the Eleebana Community Garden. We drafted and then reworked our designs to ensure they fit the special criteria of:
6 boats – each with a type of garden (to be specified)
A bird bath
A compost bin
A hose and tap
A greenhouse
A Fairy Garden
Minimum of 2 trees
Native shrubs

The designs were amazing. We were all very impressed with our hard work and creativity. We each had planned, designed, labelled and presented a map of what we thought the garden should look like. Then Mrs Evans and 3/4E showed us their virtual garden designs. We knew we couldn’t let a Stage 2 class beat us in design so we decided to make a 3D model.

We realised we couldn’t make 19 individual 3D models so we voted on who had designed the absolute BEST garden. It was a tough decision with very close contenders: Layla, Bailey, William and Jordan. In the end Jordan’s design won and we began the process of design in 3D and each of us took turns in adding to the model.

The end results…well they speak for themselves.

I am so proud of all the hard work KB have put into the GTK project this year and how ALL students have been engaged in the learning process through open ended tasks and inquiry based learning.

off my camera dec 2013 328

off my camera dec 2013 331


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