Collaboration is paying dividends!


KB and 3/4E have been getting together for a while now and its clear to see that working with older students in a quality rich learning environment is really paying off.

When I posed the question to KB: what are simple machines? I received quite a few different answers ranging from robots to cars and even Dora the mermaid (the one where the mermaid tail moves in the bath of course!).

When we looked at the 6 simple machines (levers, pulleys, screws, wedges, inclined planes and wheels and axles) students were amazed by the way they could relate to the use of machinery in everyday life and even begin identifying machines daily. Who would have known scissors were levers!

As soon as we looked into machines and how they move, KB couldn’t help but thrive with the information. In the first lesson and discussion many of the students could identify several simple machines in Mrs Evans Lamborghini! (Yes she has expensive taste when it comes to toys!)

The learning continued and when students brought in their own toys that moved they couldn’t help but use rich language and vocabulary to describe them to their partners in 3/4E. They were able to identify shape, size, colour, how the toy moves and what simple machines were involved to assist in its moving. Not only did they verbally describe their moving toys but they were able to write down these descriptions! (Yes they are super clever!)

We have so many more things to do, see, make and create so stayed tuned. Below are some photos of todays jam packed afternoon of learning!


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