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The Gifted and Talented Kindergarten project at Eleebana Public School (EPS) is part of the HCC Gifted and Talented Kindergarten (GTK) project.

For more information about the NSWDEC GTK project, go to:

This page outlines the GTK project and includes documentation that teachers can use to replicate this project in the future.

This GTK project is based on the Early Stage 1 COGs unit ‘My Place’ and has been adapted to provide more challenging, open-ended tasks as part of the teaching and  learning program as well as assessment. The following document provides an outline of the activities planned.


This project has been designed and trialled by the Kindergarten teacher Jody Duff, in collaboration with Debbie Evans (AP) and her Stage 2 class as a trial for wider implementation across the whole of ES1 and S2 at a later date.

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Some of these student learning tasks for Kindergarten include:

    • design and construction – where students build safe homes for their Bee-bot robots
    • map-making – where students design and create maps of the school, their trip from home to school and local area
    • programming using simple robotic toys – where students use logical thinking skills and basic reading, spelling and numeracy skills to program robots to move across a variety of board games (commercially-produced and Stage 2 student-designed)
    • writing and performing creative texts – where simple narrative, creative and descriptive texts about Bee-bots are completed and adapted by students for performance purposes
    • comparing and contrasting – identifying the similarities and differences between home and school
    • decision-making – where students distinguish between safe and unsafe places and make safe choices in the school, home and classroom
    • playing online computer games – using keyboard navigation skills to play online Bee-bot games, both commercially produced and others designed by Stage 2 students

cooperating and collaborating – where Kindergarten students work closely with Stage 2 buddies to design, construct, create, play and cooperate.


Some of the other student learning tasks for Stage 2 include:

  • design and construction – where students design prototypes and final designs of Bee-bot board games, testing, reviewing and modifying at all stages
  • design and technology – where students create online Bee-bot games for Kindergarten students using Scratch


For both these tasks, Stage 2 students work closely with each other to test, provide feedback, evaluate and review all work as part of the design process. Students need to write basic, clear instructions, work mathematically to ensure that the board games are accurate, then trial and complete the final copy of these games.

By cooperating and collaborating with their buddies, all Stage 2 students get opportunities to play, share, care, model and cooperate with Kindergarten students at every stage of the project process.


This project has been an extremely valuable learning experience for all students involved.


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